Curiosity's picture of Mars

The view from inside Gale Crater

Triple P loves this shot of the Martian landscape from NASA's Curiosity Rover.  So far the pictures from the craft have been a little disappointing with black and white pictures of what look like someone's gravel path.  This, however, is a wonderful view of another planet and a red planet at that!

We covered the launch of the Martian rover on our blog last November and was delighted that the fantastically complex landing sequence all worked perfectly; it really was a a major achievement in space exploration. 

Lynn Collins as Dejah Thoris.  Could have been shot in Gale Crater too!

Back then we mentioned the new John Carter film and opined that we did not have high expectations of it.  The critics agreed and gave it a particularly vitriolic reception; to the extent that Disney lost huge amounts of money on it. When we eventually watched it on DVD, however, we really enjoyed it and overdressed though she was, Lynn Collins' performance as Dejah Thoris was excellent. It's a shame there won't be any more films in the series.

Martian pyramid in Total Recall (1990)

Just opening this week is a (unnecessary) remake of Paul Verhoeven's Total Recall (1990) which we were going to see until we found out that the characters don't go to Mars in it.  How ridiculous!  It was the Martian scenes that made the Schwarzenegger film (and it was very much his film; he had a lot of creative control over it, even down to choice of director).  Indeed, Jerry Goldsmith's excellent score contained some suitably "alien" musical effects that added greatly to the Martian atmosphere (so to speak) of the movie.

Sharon Stone in Total Recall

Likewise, much as we admire the lithe form and elegant features of Kate Beckinsale we really can't see her competing, as hero Quaid's wife, with Sharon Stone in her prime.  

More on Martian princesses another time...
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