Martini of the Week 4: Ambassador Bar, Swissôtel, Ankara

Triple P has been in Turkey this week and although he has visited Ankara many times he has not stayed in the Swissôtel before as he usually stays in either the Sheraton or the Hilton.

The Swissôtel is comparatively new and opened in April 2006. It is a perfectly pleasant business hotel but has no real distinct character.  The Ambassador bar is rather good, apart from the fact it had an enormous projection TV showing football which certainly isn't what Triple P wants in a bar.  TVs in bars should be banned!  However, we managed to position ourselves in such a way that it was invisible behind a number of large pillars. 

At night, the lighting is nicely subdued and the service was excellent.  Triple P remembers waiting more than twenty minutes to get served in the Sheraton Ankara once.  The lovely waitress (goodness, there are some beautiful women in Turkey!) was over very swiftly and we ordered a Vodka Martini.  When it came it was rather disappointing.  The glass hadn't been chilled and there was lemon peel in it rather than an olive.  If Triple P is feeling particularly louche he may go for a twist of lime but never lemon.  We think that lemon is an abomination in drinks; it just makes the contents of the glass taste like it has been inadequately rinsed after being washed so that you can still taste the washing up liquid.  It was, however, reasonably strong; unlike the Martinis Triple P has had in the Gulf, for example, which often taste mainly of vermouth.

Altogether then it gets 5/10.
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