Backpacks. No!

Lara Croft. The only person we want to see wearing a backpack in London

Agent Triple P is getting sick of being generally biffed about in London by people wearing backpacks (or rucksacks as they used to be known when we were younger).

Backpacks are acceptable wear for:

1 Astronauts participating in Extra Vehicular Activity from the International Space Station

2 People trekking in the Himalayas/Andes/Kilimanjaro

3 Soldiers

Er... that's it. Everyone else get a bag where you have some sort of control over whose space it is invading. Humans, unlike tortoises, have no concept of wandering around with things on their back. Consequently they have no spatial awareness as to whether they are crashing into others. In crowded situations, like the London Underground during the rush hour, backpacks are definitely anti social and should be banned. At the very least take your backpack off before boarding the train and put it at your feet.
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