Move in, you selfish gits!

Another annoyance on public transport that Agent Triple P has just noticed is the increasing habit of some men (invariably men) to sit on the aisle seat of a train when there is an empty one next to them adjacent to the window. Now, Agent Triple P when presented with two adjoining empty seats will always sit next to the window so it is easier for someone to get into the other seat. If we are in the aisle seat and someone vacates the window seat we will move to the window position for the same reason.

Twice in the last two days smarmy thirty-somethings in suits (always those nasty Essex boy ones with no vents, worn by people who think they are in Miami Vice) have sat on the outside of an empty space on a very full train. We know why they do this of course. They think people won't squeeze past and they can have an empty seat next to them. Well bad luck. Agent Triple P will always squeeze past you and then spread out as much as possible.

Even worse are the people who spread their newspapers, files and laptops on the the seat next to them whilst pretending to work and then huff when you stand there waiting for them to clear a space. Work at home or get a chauffeur!

The South East of England is overcrowded. You aren't going to get any space in the rush hour! Deal with it or sod off to Scotland.
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