Christine Bleakely in school uniform

Oh dear, the Daily Mail is having a right go at TV presenter, and fiance of England footballer Frank Lampard, for showing up at her old school in her old school uniform.  Yesterday's report was merely factual noting that her morning TV show, Daybreak, was doing a back to school week and she had appeared at her alma mater Belfast's Bloomfield Collegiate grammar school where she had been head girl.

Today, however, following dozens of negative comments from women on the Daily Mail website the ever-fickle newspaper's attitude has changed, with one of the columnists launching a nasty attack on what was, after all, just a fun TV stunt.  Yesterday the Mail reported that she had "slipped" into her uniform whereas today she "squeezed" into it implying that it was too tight, which it patently isn't.  Probably all these grumpy women are just annoyed that in increasingly obese Britain a 32 year old woman can still get into her school uniform at all.

The thrust of the objections being that dressing like this will encourage perverts to prey on schoolgirls.  This is somewhat bizarre logic, we feel, as Ms Bleakely is patently all-woman whereas we would have thought that paedophiles would prefer young girls.  We are much more disturbed by young girls dressing inappropriately as adults (inspired by the likes of Rhianna et al) than a woman dressing in what is her actual school uniform.  It's not as if she turned up looking like something from St Trinian's.

This is not to say that there isn't a certain frisson about Ms Bleakely's outfit (its probably the dark socks) but all the pictures do to Triple P are to make him  much more interested in the heretofor unregarded Ms Bleakely rather than go hanging around school gates.

We actually think Ms Bleakely looks quite splendid!
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