Cheryl Cole in Afghanistan

Former UK national treasure, and now somewhat fallen angel, Cheryl Cole has been in Afghanistan cheering up the troops in a bid to become the new "forces sweetheart".  This will no doubt severely, annoy busty Welsh warbler Katherine Jenkins whose own trip to Afghanistan some time ago propelled her into that position.

Unlike Katherine, who seemed to confine herself to having tea with the troops, Cheryl has been firing weapons, taking part in a mock raid and even meeting with the local Afghan leaders.

Coffee, tea or me, pet?

On her way out she served delighted troops with their meal, perhaps practising for an alternative career if it all goes horribly wrong (again). 

Most people on the internet are saying that it is yet another publicity stunt to get her back into the public's favour and we are sure that her agent highlighted the opportunities.  Nevertheless, Helmand province is a very dangerous place and she deserves credit for going out there.  Well done Cheryl!
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