Star Trek

The unneccesarily redesgned USS Enterprise

Agent Triple P is very excited about the new Star Trek film which seems to have had universally good reviews. Both the Daily Mail and The Times gave it five stars! All we need now is a review in Metro that gives it one star and we will know if it really is a classic; Metro film reviews always being the exact opposite of what a film is actually like. No doubt we will be off to see it with Agent DVD on the big screen soon.

The classic original.

They have changed the USS Enterprise once again but surely if the film is a prequel to the series they should have used the original Enterprise design. It was fair enough to have the Enterprise changed in the earlier films as this could represent upgrading. The real problem is those huge engine nacelles which unbalance the stern of the ship and make it look like a dreadnought rather than an agile cruiser. The first Enterprise from Star Trek (we refuse to call it "Classic Star Trek") was a true original and really took the on-screen depiction of spaceships away from rockets for the first time. They should have just used a better rendered version of the original. It's like when they made the hideous new Thunderbirds film a few years ago. Why change design classics?

L to R: Chekov, Kirk, Scott, McCoy, Sulu, Uhura

Oh well, I suppose you could say that as they redesigned the crew then I suppose that in redisgning the ship they have been consistent at least.

Actually, we have to say that the redesigned Spock is a very good job but we can't say the same for the Enterprise bridge which looks like a sparkly Beverly Hills hairdressing salon.

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