Italians repel boarders

Italians don't always have the best reputation for bravery (largely, I suspect, because of some mass surrenders during World War 2) but hats off to Commander Ciro Pinto commander of the MSC Melody which repelled a group of Somali pirates today by opening fire with pistols and turning a fire hose on them. The piractes were actually climbing up the side of the ship at the time so it's pretty in your face stuff from the Italians not just taking pot shots from a distance.
No doubt lots of experts will say that this was the wrong thing to do and may make things worse/should be left to the armed forces/putting passengers at risk etc. But it's nice that someone stands up to these scumbag thugs. Maybe, just maybe, they will think twice next time they approach an innocent vessel.

Complimenti, Comandante!
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