The Dutch Hockey Team

What a selection!

We can't let our Olympics coverage pass without mentioning the Dutch Hockey team, or the Netherlands Hockey Team to be more accurate.  Hailed as the "most beautiful team" of the games they are also the reigning Olympic champions and are poised to repeat that success this year.

Fifteen identically lightly-tanned, identically pony-tailed, identically toned lovelies who are also the team to beat in this Olympiad's competition.

Sophie Polkamp

Agent Triple P has always been partial to a girl in hockey gear and remembers having a discussion with one once, when accompanied by Agent DVD, on the train home from Waterloo.  She had obviously been playing one of those City team matches and was bedecked in her uniform; including a very short skirt.  We would venture that part of the appeal is something to do with the heavily armoured calves and expanse of vulnerable-looking toned thigh below the skirt.

Ellen Hoog - that's what we call a well toned thigh!

Triple P played hockey just once, against the girls at the school next door in a supposedly "fun" match.  It was absolutely brutal and the scratch team of rugby players, footballers and sprinters we put together not only lost by an embarrassing score but ended up covered in bruises as well, as the little vixens hacked at our unprotected legs with malicious glee.  A few joking suggestions about sharing the showers afterwards were met with steely glares and raised sticks.  Hockey girls are not pushovers!

Fancy a shower?

The splendidly named Naomi van As.  5 feet 11 inches of  leggy gorgeousness

Who wouldn't want to be hugged by Naomi ?

Naomi: same ponytail, different clothes

Not surprisingly the Dutch magazines are not immune to the charm of their hockey girls and the girls don't seem to be to concerned about displaying their charms either.

Here is Ellen van Hoog relaxing out of uniform.  Compared with the lofty Naomi, Ellen, from Bloemendaal, is a relatively petite 5 feet 4 inches tall.

The only girlfriend we had who had played hockey was the 6 feet 3 inch tall T, who by the time we knew her had given up hockey for rowing.  She actually went to the school we had had our terrifying match against but had left the school before the encounter in question.  We met T at the wedding reception of one of our school friends and, thanks to quite a lot of Champagne, ended up in her flat in Tufnell Park just a few hours later.  We never did see her in hockey uniform, sadly...

Sophie Polkamp smoulders

Yesterday, the Netherlands beat New Zealand in a penalty shoot out, after a 3-3 draw, to advance to the final where they will take on Argentina who knocked out Great Britain yesterday, so we know who we will be supporting!

The equally lovely Charlotte Harrison of New Zealand flashes her adductors during yesterday's semi-final.
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