English wholegrain mustard

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Agent Triple P likes a cooked breakfast on Saturday morning and he has a pack of Porky White's excellent Surrey sausages ready to go for tomorrow morning. However, we had run out of mustard but thought we could easily deal with this when we found ourselves in the large Sainsbury's in Pontes this afternoon. So having found the mustard section (not easy in itself-Sainsburys has an annoying habit of putting random stuff over the frozen cabinets rather than on proper shelves with the other canned and bottled goods) we looked along the serried ranks for a nice English wholegrain. Nothing! All they had was the unaturally yellow "traditional" English hot mustard and loads and loads of French-made mustard. They had three types of French-made wholegrain but no English wholegrain at all. Well Triple P refuses to buy French mustard so had to stop at Waitrose on the way home.

None of your Froggie nonsense for these splendid porkers!

Looking on their website Sainsburys only do one English wholegrain mustard (as do Tesco) but if its not in one of their bigger stores I don't know where you find it. In contrast, Waitrose has eight English wholegrain mustards on their website and a good selection in the shop.

So, "hooray!" for Waitrose for backing British manufacturers and "boo!" to Sainsbury's and Tesco for giving all our money to the French!
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