Alesha Dixon: sinking fast?

Gorgeous in 2008

The sad decline of previous Triple P favourite, Alesha Dixon, continues. Oh how we loved her with her infectious laugh, formidable thighs and Orville the Duck dress on Strictly Come Dancing two years ago. A hit (if not a very good) CD followed and a pleasing apperance in FHM. All seemed bright for the 31 year old from glamourous Welwyn Garden City (the former home of Shredded Wheat).

But, oh dear, the BBC in its endless quest to court the "yoof" market, kicked 66 year old Arlene Philips off the judging panel, despite over 40 years experience as a choreographer, to be replaced by Miss Dixon. Huge protests followed and there were accusations of ageism that were taken so seriously that Harriet Harman, Minister for Women and Equality, called on the BBC to explain itself (to no response). Unfortunately, Miss Dixon confirmed her critics worse fears by being totally inept as a judge. Her performance restricted to just parroting previous judges opinions in an annoyingly ungrammatical way. She has just confirmed the fear that whilst wiggling about in miniscule sequinned outfits she is a star as a talking head she isn't.

Grumpy in 2009

Even worse was to come last week when she was pictured being turned away from the Funky Buddha nightclub. One story is that the bouncers didn't know who she was. The other is that she was trying to bring ten men into the club which was either full or they, sensibly, didn't want ten men in there to two women (the proportion of her party). All in all she has come out of the affair looking like a spoilt, jumped up minor celebrity who nobody likes. When the tabloid press turns on you in Britain you are doomed. So long Alesha.
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