Miss May: Keeley Hazell

We haven't put up Miss May yet this month as we have been very busy with other things but as June approaches we feel that we would be remiss in not marking our May Calendar girl at all. So here is Keeley Hazell, a young lady whose charms are all too apparent.

21 year old Keeley, from Lewisham, trained as a hairdresser but won a series of modelling contests including the Sun's Page 3 idol. A great favourite of the more dubious end of the lad's magazine market she has recently been hailed by David Cameron as an enviromental warrior for such eco friendly suggestions as having sex with the lights off.

Trust a BNC man to come up with a wafer thin justification for championing a young lady with very big tits. Frankly, Agent Triple P, if faced with Miss Hazell, would be quite happy to keep the lights on and pay for a few acres of trees in the Amazon for the privilege of interacting with her genuinely awe inspiring bust.

Does she look good in a vest? Oh my God!

We are convinced that Agent DVD would agree!

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