Big Breakfast of the Week 12: Eegon's of Cowes

Triple P's breakfast of choice at Eegons: the All Day Breakfast for £5.50

Very much a feature of Cowes Week for many is a pre-race breakfast at Eegon's Cafe in Cowes High Street.  This is a classic English cafe (pronounced "caff" in this instance) and you are just as likely to be sharing it with the hard working chaps from the Isle of Wight street cleansing department (they start work at 2.00am quite often during Cowes Week) or lifeboatmen (especially as the new RNLI station will be virtually next door) as yachties.

Triple P usually takes the £5.50 All Day Breakfast which consists of two eggs, two rashers of bacon, two sausages, fried bread, baked beans or tomatoes and toast.  There is also (for girls, presumably) a half breakfast for £4.50 which only has one sausage, one rasher of bacon and one egg.

The new Regatta Platta

The range of cooked breakfasts is simply marvellous although woe betide you if you try to ask for any changes to the menu.  Asking for scrambled, rather than fried eggs, for example will be met with a polite refusal.  A new offering this year is the Regatta Platta: a sausage, a rasher of excellent bacon, fried bread, toast, mushrooms, baked beans (or tomatoes) and saute potatoes plus a drink all for £5.

Proprietor Rod Ainge is a Cowes fixture, heavily involved with the commercial life of the town so you are just as likely to eavesdrop on unofficial meetings between council officials and representatives of the local retailers as discussions about sailing.

Breakfast Bonanza

The biggest challenge used to be the enormous Breakfast Bonanza, a plateful so vast you actually got a certificate if you finished it (Triple P has one, of course).  Two eggs, two sausages, two rashers of bacon, mushrooms beans or tomatoes, hash browns, black pudding, fried bread and toast for £7.50.  This year the new Steakfast looks even more of a challenge!  We haven't tried the latter yet.

This year thay have also introduced a loyalty card where, if you amass ten stanps you get a £5 voucher.  this, of course, encourages you to visit even more than you should.

Breakfast at Eeegons is not perfect, the sausages (compared with the bacon and eggs, say) are low quality and the sauces are generic catering sachets rather than HP or Heinz but even so for the sheer choice and value it gets 9/10
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