Roundabout of Doom!

Everyone turns left at the A3 roundabout. Almost everyone

Agent Triple P was on his way to pick up some pomegranate juice from Waitrose the other day and had just got to the big roundabout (rotary or trafiic circle for our North American cousins) under the A3 when the van in front of us turned right onto the roundabout causing much screeching of brakes and horn tooting from cars coming the other way. The fellow at the wheel of this rental van stops and looks out the window in a bemused way as if to say "why are you tooting at me?" All was made clear as he had the most Polish looking face we had ever seen (there really is such a thing!) so of course the hapless Splodni hadn't realised that you go around roundabouts clockwise in the UK. Could have been a very nasty accident and right in front of Triple P too!

The up and over ramp

Coming back from Waitrose we saw a host of police and fire engines at the other side of the roundabout and we assumed the clueless Splodni had carried on round happily crashing in to people all the way. But no, a huge dumper lorry full of empty glass bottles had fallen over onto its side on the up ramp to the A3. How he did that on a perfectly straight piece of road is hard to imagine. But it would have taken an awfully long time to clear up!

So we will be considerably more careful when negotiating the Roundabout of Doom in the future. No doubt it was the celestial influence of the Perseid meteor shower which Triple P witnessed last night!
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