Why we won't be watching the Olympics

Happy, smiling people.

Agent Triple P loves the Olympics. He is not interested in team sports on the whole (apart from American Football) but has always taken a week off work every four years to watch every heat and qualification round of the athletics.

But not this year. Because this year the Olympics are in China. Now, this is nothing to do with Tibet, per se and in fact the concentration on Tibet distracts from all the other bad things the Chinese government does.

If we put on a really big show everyone will love us. Or else.

It's just that China is using the Olympics to validate themselves politically in the eyes of the world in a way we haven't seen since Moscow in 1980 and, indeed Nazi Germany in 1936.

At least the Russian people had the gumption to kick out their nasty government.

The International Olympic Committee gave the games (stupidly) to China in the hope that they would ameliorate some of their less acceptable behaviour towards their own citizens. China has shown, surprise, surprise no intention of doing this at all. Now they expect us all to ignore this elephant in the room and congratulate them on a huge show. They don't seem to be able to understand why many in the West can't just be impressed by their wonderful efforts.

Well, that's exactly why we don't like you, guys.
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