Reforma 500 restaurant, The Four Seasons, Mexico City

Agent Triple P had only been to Mexico once before and that had been six years ago. The taxi drive from the dingy airport showed that the city had not improved since then, although perhaps the air pollution was a little less. Mexico City was hugely overpopulated, full of shabby concrete buildings, flyovers, traffic and was ill-lit at night. From his taxi he could see furtive looking figures scuttling along darkened pavements only occasionally being lit up by the harsh pools of light cast by the neon of some open shop front selling saucepans or some such.

His flight had been uneventful and the only notable thing about it was that his fellow passengers confirmed the fact that Mexico had the most unattractive women of any country he had ever visited, with the possible exception of Malta. This was odd as usually in countries where there was a blend of races the result is often very attractive people: Brazil sprang to mind. But no, Mexican women were short, squat and plain.

He arrived at The Four Seasons and immediately liked it. It was certainly an improvement on his previous hotel, the Presidente Intercontinental, which when he had been there before was seemingly entirely inhabited by a regional Mary Kay cosmetics convention made up of, surprise, short, squat, plain and over made-up Mexican women.

He was hungry so decided to eat in the Reforma 500 restaurant. Whilst he looked at the menu he was presented with a a basket congtaining eight different types of bread and three dishes containing, soured cream, guacamole and salsa. The display in the bread basket was simply the most stunning he had ever seen. A work of art in itself. One undoubtedly good thing about Mexico was the food. He suspected that his diet was going to take a pounding. The menu was largely Mediterranean but they also had a separate Mexican menu from which Triple P selected a light meal.

He ordered Tortilla soup as a starter. This arrived with seven large porcelain spoons containing: cilentro, green chilli, avocado, chopped onion, cheese, sour cream and dried red chilli. The soup contained dark brown shredded tortilla which had a nicely chewy texture.

To go with it he ordered a bottle of Santo Tomas tempranillo from Baja California. The Bodegas Santo Thomas is the oldest winery in Mexico, founded in 1888. It was fruity but bone dry. Truly excellent.

For a main course he decided to stay Mexican and had beef fajitas. These came on a sizzling hot cast iron skillet cooked with yellow and green pepper and onions accompanied by a basket of small brown tortillas. His special freind M from the Commonwealth of Virginia would have approved as she was a great afficianado of Mexican food. They has even discussed her coming down to Mexico City but he had decided that the nature of the trip would have made that complex so decided to wait until his planned trip to the US the following month.

Over the four days that he was in the hotel he had several meals at the restaurant including one outside on the terrace at lunchtime when he decided not to try the deep fried grasshoppers and Maguey worms, which of course are actually the caterpillars of the butterfly, Aegiale Hesperiaris. One could take local cuisine too far.

The service was exceptionally good and Agent Triple P can heartily recommend the Reforma 500 restaurant.
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